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Measured Building Surveying

Floor Plans Surveys

For any refurbishment or renovation project, an accurate building survey of floor plans and elevations are essential. Our team deliver your project requirements within a swift timescale and with realistic costs, allowing the project to continue on time and within budget.

Floor plans surveys can be required for record purposes, area calculations, possibly for letting or for refurbishment. The standard prerequisite is to survey walls internally and externally, doors with swings, overhead beams, access to above voids/roofs, windows, stairs, sanitary ware etc. Other detail such as radiators, lights, light switches, major pipework and other fixtures would be quoted as a separate fee. The most common plot scale for floor plans are 1:100m.

Building Elevations

Dependant on the purpose, an elevation survey can show either full detail or outlines for indicative window and door openings for the building. Again the most common plot scale for elevations are 1:100m

Building Cross Sections

Once the ‘building’ survey has been completed with elevations and floor plans the ‘section’ lines are selected (if not established from the client, Architect or Engineer) and a ‘Cross Section’ is formed from this information. However now that we are ‘Laser Scanning’ more and more buildings and sites the supply of cross sections are more concise.

Provision of the above information can be issued in 3 dimensions for input into a BIM system for total management of a building or construction project.

Right of Light Survey

A right of light survey apart from planning restrictions can be another one of the largest constraint on any development potential. This type of survey is the only way to provide an accurate view of the Rights of Light implications for any site. ie. Is the property overlooked, are the views and sunlight being obscured by the adjoining building or other structures such as trees. We find more and more of these types of surveys are required for virtual realisation of a development to assess what the visible impact is on the existing surrounding properties and land prior to the actual planning decision.

Street Scene Elevations

These street scene surveys are required to assess the visual impact of a development or a change within the ‘Street Scene’. Generally these are on at least one or two properties either side of the proposed development.

Provision of any of the above information can be issued in 3 dimensions for input into a BIM system for total management of a building or construction project.

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