Quality Policy

The Quality policy of the company is to retain the high standards

that has enabled CD Surveys to grow steadily over the years through recommendation and referral. These are invoked at the field capture stage, the processing of the surveys data through ‘range checks’ and error trapping within the survey processing software. An independent surveyor then carries out further checks and verification in the field once this data has been processed and plotted.

Once the survey data has been ‘enhanced’ to form the final drawing it is then re-checked by a senior member of staff to verify all survey edits and amendments have been carried out by the CAD technicians.

The quality objective is to continue the present levels and to find more efficient methods of achieving a better overall quality standard.

The quality initiatives are to enable all the employees to ‘own’ the quality and standards of our final product and to continually observe and discuss any elements or areas that require further or better review.

Our Quality Manual has been written in 2010 and is currently been shelved for the time being due to available resources. We may later in the next couple of years restart with the intention to work towards ISO 9002 accreditation.

Updated by: Andrew Larch
Position: Director
Date: 01.08.2018

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