New Ashford, Kent office coming in handy.

2017 was an interesting year for CD Surveys Ltd.In general, the construction industry seemed to be rather quiet and with a quiet start to the year for CD Surveys things inevitably picked up and soon enough we were talking about expanding and employing new surveyors.With opportunities always available at CD Surveys for the right candidate we are constantly keep our options open and welcome enquiries for surveyors who may wish to take on a new challenge.

After many interviews the right candidate was found and immediately hit the ground running, using his knowledge that he had already gained in the industry and combining this with the new skills he was learning with us he has quickly become a valued member of the team, even teaching us some new tricks along the way.

This then led CD Surveys onto looking for a new office location where the surveyors can meet, process work, keep equipment and coordinate local sites.The new location was decided upon, Ashford in Kent.A location in the South East of England and a good distance from our current office to help improve unnecessary travelling times.Our surveyors now have the ability to log in remotely at the Ashford office, process their work, receive their emails and print all relevant documents for the job.

This was put to the test with our first local job in Ashford using the new office.The job was a nice clean, large topographical survey. Our surveyors met at the new office where they were able to receive all the relevant documents to determine exactly what to survey when on site. With this being a large site to survey the office was used daily to store equipment, vehicles and maintain as a base whilst surveying in the area.

With clear skies and the sun shining Ashford provided our surveyors with perfect surveying weather.The survey was carried out without any problems and on the last day our surveyors travelled the short distance back to the office , here they processed all their work and confirmed there were no errors within the data before traveling too far from site.

The survey team could then print off all required verification sheets and head back to site to carry out a comprehensive verification. The ability to have the safe, secure office for our surveyors to work in helped us achieve the required final product in a more productive, cost effective way, which in turn was then transferred to our client within our quotation.

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