Progress from our new surveyor two months into working at CD Surveys

As a foreign resident with less than 1 year experience in surveying overseas, every day is a new challenge, a day with new opportunities and fresh information to be learned. But in order to see everything as a new opportunity and not as an obstruction, a friendly and experienced team is essential.

I joined CD surveys just 2 months ago and I can confess that I gained a considerable amount of knowledge essential for a good surveyor. I had previously worked for a small survey company based just outside London where i was mainly trained carrying out measured building surveys on small residential properties. The first challenge was to participate in a topographical survey for a land covered with trees in proportion of 2/3 where the access wasn’t the only problem.

But I had to learn all the tree species that can be found in the UK and for sure trying to memorise them just from the books is not as simple as it looks. I started my first few surveys quite slowly as the identification was quite a long process but thanks to the senior surveyors in the company I managed to learn the trees and the instruments codes very quickly. After a few surveys working closely with the senior surveyor I started to tackle smaller jobs working by myself.

After working with the senior surveyors I was more confident in my work so I had the opportunity to undertake small jobs for road surveys, topographical surveys and measured building surveys were I was able to combine my old and new knowledge gained from my new team and managed to send quality surveys in time. It has not been long now, but with the support from the other staff and my knowledge learnt at University I have managed to become a valued member of the team using my Leica Theodolite and Faro 3D Scanner. I feel using the scanner to complete measured building surveys is where I can shine as in my previous employment I was using this same instrument on a daily basis. Because of my experience with the scanner I have had the confidence to not only use this independently but to also help my new colleagues in using and understanding different techniques and help combine the two working styles.

After 2 months the future seem bright with my new team; I am very pleased with my chance to work with the experienced team at CD Surveys.

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