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CD Drawing Solutions

CD Drawing Solutions has been established to aid survey companies and any construction drawing needs around the U.K. We are an AutoCAD solutions department within CD Surveys Ltd which is an established and highly regarded survey company. Years of experience have proven that outsourcing AutoCAD work to companies outside of the survey industry can produce negative results, whether these companies be based in the U.K. or abroad.To combat this issue CD Surveys Ltd have brought on additional staff and trained them to the high standard in AutCAD drafting that we have always pride ourselves on and these are the same high standards we have taken into CD Drawing Solutions.

We are a team of AutoCAD technicians with over joint 40 years’ experience producing AutoCAD drafting services.

The services we offer range from 2D drafting, this could be topographical surveys, measured building surveys, land registry compliant plans, highway design plans, M&E Drawings, 3D massing drawings, 3D Revit models, basic laser Disto surveys / estate agent plans and large-scale printing.

Measured Building Survey

CD Drawing Solutions have an extensive background knowledge of measured building surveys.We have been proficient in drawing measured building surveys with both 3D laser scan data, conventional total station survey data and basic sketch diagrams.CD Drawing Solutions can draw building surveys from surveyed data or redraw from sketches / verification on site.

Measured building survey service example

Topographical surveys

At CD Drawing Solutions we can undertake topographical surveys that have been sent to us with photos, verification sheets and the preferred clients presentation formats which will enable us to match accurately the required final output exactly.With an example drawing present we can ensure that all text styles, line types and blocks can be matched correctly so the final product will fit with your company’s standards. Once all drawings are completed they are quality checked by second member of the team before final issue.

Typographical survey service example

Land registry compliant drawings

When registering a transaction with Land Registry which relates to anything other than the whole registered title, the evidencing documents must include a plan which complies with the guidelines set by Land Registry.At CD Drawing Solutions we can offer a wide range of drawing services that will enable such plans to be accurately produced.

Whether the plans required are for the sale of part of the registered title or for the sale of land that has not previously been registered CD Drawing Solutions can help guide the client to a suitable end product.

M&E Drawings

These drawings incorporate the layout & installation of the M&E system onto a design plan or existing floor plan. These systems can include Cable management, fire plans, emergency lighting, security systems, air conditioning, heating, hot/cold water pipes etc.

CD Drawing Solutions can update your existing plans with new detailing taken from the marked-up plans or draw new layouts from scratch.

All M&E drawings will be drawn from fully dimensioned engineer’s diagrams which we will transfer and draw digitally in the latest AutoCAD software.

3D Revit models

CD Drawing Solutions have a dedicated team to carrying out our clients 3D Revit model needs.

These plans can be drawn on existing buildings or for proposed constructions using design drawings.For existing buildings our technicians can use surveyed data, taken with either a total station or 3D laser scanner in various formats such as .dwg, E57 or .rcp files.With these files we can provide our clients with accurate 2D plans which can then be transformed into a highly detailed Revit model.Our team can also produce the Revit model from existing 2D plans that our clients have provided for us but the information shown in the Revit will be limited to the information shown on the 2D plans.

Using design plans our technicians also convert these to the a highly detailed Revit model.Unlike with the existing buildings, when drawing a proposed development you add in additional detail such as the wall construction, thermal properties to features such as doors and windows, light detailing and prosed foundation detailing, all making the model BIM compliant.

Our experienced team of CAD professionals will be eager to take your calls and help with any AutoCAD queries you may have.

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