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Measured Building Surveying

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to measured building surveys at CD Surveys Ltd.Our experienced surveyors have seen many changes in the way measured building surveys are carried out, from a tape measure, pen and paper to the modern technology of using 3D laser scanners.Over the years our team of surveyors have worked on thousands of measured building surveys including (but not limited to) hospitals, schools, government buildings, offices, residential dwellings, universities, retail centres and churches.

The use of modern 3D laser scanning now enables us to provide the measured building survey in 2D or 3D formats, with varying deliverables available to our client. These could be a 2D AutoCad drawing, a 3D point cloud or a 3D Revit model.

Our measured building surveys provide our client with accurate plans to the appropriate scale and with our experienced team we aim to always complete our surveys with the minimal disruption as possible.We work closely with our client from the first instruction to ensure that each quotation is tailor made to our clients needs and to our clients desired schedule.Our measured building surveys can include Floor Plans, Roof Plans, External Elevations, Internal Elevations, Reflective Ceiling Plans and Cross Sections.

Floor Plans Surveys

For any refurbishment or renovation project, an accurate building survey of floor plans and elevations are essential. Our team deliver your project requirements within a swift timescale and with realistic costs, allowing the project to continue on time and within budget.

Floor plans surveys can be required for record purposes, area calculations, possibly for letting or for refurbishment. The standard prerequisite is to survey walls internally and externally, doors with swings, overhead beams, access to above voids/roofs, windows, stairs, sanitary ware etc. Other detail such as radiators, lights, light switches, major pipework and other fixtures would be quoted as a separate fee. The most common plot scale for floor plans are 1:100m.

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Building Elevations

Dependant on the purpose, an elevation survey can show either full detail or outlines for indicative window and door openings for the building. Again the most common plot scale for elevations are 1:100m

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Building Cross Sections

Once the ‘building’ survey has been completed with elevations and floor plans the ‘section’ lines are selected (if not established from the client, Architect or Engineer) and a ‘Cross Section’ is formed from this information. However now that we are ‘Laser Scanning’ more and more buildings and sites the supply of cross sections are more concise.

Provision of the above information can be issued in 3 dimensions for input into a BIM system for total management of a building or construction project.

NIA / GIA Surveys

NIA (Net Internal Area) shows the usable area within a building. These plans can be used for estate agents plans and valuation, shop rents, office space, supermarkets to name a few.

GIA (Gross Internal Area) is the area taken the internal face of the external walls. This will include all areas within the building and also all walls. This can be used when assessing building costs or when calculating areas for planning & building regulation purposes.


Working closely with our approved partner Rendered Image, we provided the required information to produce the accurate photomontage.

Verified views offer an accurate visual representation of a proposed site and are often requested by the planning authority to support applications for developments.

Using our Leica total station we provide coordinates and levels for the camera positions and then known 'key' reference points seen in the photo to enable these photos to be altered accurately.

These surveys are a great way to accurate visualise the impact a new proposed development may have on the surrounding land or to simple see how the proposed site would fit in with the surrounding area.

Street Scene Elevations

These street scene surveys are required to assess the visual impact of a development or a change within the ‘Street Scene’. Generally these are on at least one or two properties either side of the proposed development.

Provision of any of the above information can be issued in 3 dimensions for input into a BIM system for total management of a building or construction project.


CD Surveys use their extensive background in topographical surveys and measured building surveys to provide our client with accurate Land Registry plans.

Within the measured building surveys these plans can be used to manage titles within a large building complex. These could be shop units or residential flats.

CD Surveys uses different methods to complete these on site survey works which can range from Hand Held Disto, Leica 3D Laser Scanner or Leica Total Station.

To understand how CD Surveys can help with you land registry needs please our office is on hand to help, or view the link below for the government guide on Land registry plans.


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