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Revit & BIM

BIM was brought to wide industry attention in the UK Government Construction Strategy published in 2011. The report announced the Government’s intention to require: collaborative 3D BIM on all of its projects from 2016, which is now underway.

CD Surveys Ltd has recently developed its working processes to conform to the new regulations set out by the Government with regards to BIM. We can now undertake topographical surveys in an agreed 3D BIM layering system or we can provide detailed, working 3D models of existing buildings.

A 3D model can be drawn in the latest version of Autodesk Revit, which can then be used by the entire project team, from the Architects to the contractors. This option of output, over the conventional 2D AutoCAD drawing files can save time and effort from all parts of the construction team. It will allow the designers and contractors to all work simultaneously to save time, reduce risk of errors and allow each section to visualise the project as it is being developed.

Example: Canterbury, Kent

Revit 3D Model to AutoCAD Elevation

Original Image, Land Surveyors, Canterbury, Kent AutoCAD Elevation
Modified Image, Land Surveyors, Canterbury, Kent Revit 3D Model

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The survey information can be captured in various forms, ranging from the latest 3D laser scanner or the more traditional Theodolite depending on the requirements or budgets for each project. The option of the laser scanner can be used to capture a much wider range of information, giving the user as little or as much information as they require and enabling the user to capture surrounding site data that may not be possible with the Theodolite but may be crucial to visualising the site as a whole.

BIM models do not only need to be created from new projects, it is also possible to generate a 3D working model in Revit by taking original 2D plans and constructing this manually within the Revit program. The advantage to this would be being able to provide a BIM model for an old site without the need to revisit site. However, the disadvantage would be the possible lack of information so the Revit model may limited.

Autodesk Revit allows the user to design / draw a building, its structure, components along with the surrounding topography in a 3D working model. At CD Surveys Ltd we can offer a variety of options when using Revit, these can involve surveying and producing a working 3D model of a current site, producing a 3D model from existing 2D plans or producing a 3D model of the surrounding buildings to overlay against the current site information.

If you have any BIM requirements then please contact our experienced staff at our Sunbury office.

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