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Site Engineering

Proposed construction needs to be in the right place and at the right height. You will need our professional team to provide services such as site setting out of grids, datums, piles, etc. Volumes and verticality surveys can also be provided.

Building Monitoring

Building monitoring or any structure which may ‘move’ should be checked for movement. This can be in the form of ‘Tell Tales’ adhered to the fabric, Studs drilled and placed at strategic points to then be accurately levelled or targets adhered to the structure to be used in the monitoring of either or all of the 3 axis. Any movement in these 3 axis, ie. differences in Eastings, Northings and Height would be observed and collected using accurate electronic instruments from robust survey stations away and clear from the site.

'As Built' Surveys

We can provide details and plans of the project including the "as constructed" stage of works, i.e. these "as built" surveys are very useful to determine whether the construction tolerances have been met, for instance, lift shaft verticality, the levelling of floors and accuracy of the ‘service holes’ within the site are a few instances that come to mind.

A subset of the layout of buildings, but fundamentally distinct, piles are the stress points of any good design and precise location is crucial and cannot simply be corrected at a later stage. Naturally we take great care with all our work and consider thorough checking of all work and data to be a large part of the finished process. For this we prefer to have access to all electronic data from the architects and consulting engineers to verify that all the information "fits" together before we go to site.

Site Setting Out

Whether we are asked to peg out highway boundaries or setting out a centre line with offsets, our Engineers and office based staff work together to ensure that you get your design placed where it was intended, and more importantly to the required accuracy. Setting out foundations, block or brickwork, pinning out preliminary designs, positioning roof or steel structures, providing level datums at all stages of construction, we can do it all.

The co-ordination and location of permanent markers to withstand the rigours of site operations are also required and we can provide relocatable points of reference to either Ordnance Survey control or arbitrary grid data. We perform topographical surveys before or after site work, to ascertain quantity of land removed or working along side ground workers to define levels for foundation or final profiles. Relocating existing property boundaries from title deeds or registry plans, or assisting in the definition of new or disputed ones, we are frequently called on to establish/confirm fence lines or wall positions.

Provision of the above information can be issued in 3 dimensions for input into a BIM system for total management of a building or construction project.

Verticality Measurements

The ‘plumbness’ of structures is very important especially when lift shafts have been installed or changed. This also applies to a new build between flank walls on another property. CD Surveys Ltd can provide verticality measurements prior to the build and will establish whether remedies are required to avoid the clash with adjoining buildings in relation to the proposed construction.

Grid Lines

Any Architectural or Engineering design generally involves the establishment of grid lines which are then used by contractors to ‘set-out internal walls, columns, services, external facades etc. Generally grid lines will be set out on site when we are establishing level datums and other works prior to commencement of the construction. Quite often as these lines will go through the columns or piles, these grid lines can be set out with convenient offsets.

Section 38/109 Drawings

CD Surveys Ltd will undertake "As Built" Surveys to confirm the positions and levels of boundaries; roads, footpaths, cross-overs, light columns, name plates, pedestrian refuge etc. Once the Survey is drawn in CAD and compared to the design it can then be coloured and offered for adoption and the release of the bonds and insurance which were used for the maintenance of the scheme. Should you require help with any of the above please contact our head office.

Section 38 relates specifically to the creation of new highways upon land in the ownership of anyone other than the highway authority. It is an agreement between the land owner and the authority for the construction of new highway and the ultimate adoption by the authority as a public highway.

The agreement secures a bond for the cost of the works, to enable completion of the works by the authority upon default by the developer, usually for reasons of insolvency but occasionally in instances where the developer has failed to complete the works within a specified or 'reasonable' period of time. The agreement also identifies fees payable for supervision by the adopting authority. Any developer or his consultants must enter into a process of submitting detailed design proposals to the authority for approval prior to construction works and sometimes the agreement will not be entered into until the highway authority has been satisfied that all of its criteria can be met.

All highways must be drained to the satisfaction of the authority. Where the highway drains via new sewers, to be adopted as public sewers, the S.38 agreement will not usually be entered into until the authority is satisfied that the developer is entering to a sewer adoption agreement. Upon completion of the works the developer must seek the agreement of the authority to place the new highway 'on maintenance'. This is a period of 12 months at the end of which any defects are to be remedied prior to formal 'hand-over' to the authority as a public highway.

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